Big Women

Big Women

Friday - September 4th, 2009

Thor likes big women. Really big women. Maybe you like big women too, but not women as big as Thor. Okay, maybe you like women as big as Thor, but you don’t have access to them. And if you did, they would crush you. Not with their love, but with their weight.

It’s not completely clear from the myths just how big these giant women are, but if they are similar in size to their male cohorts, they must be huge. Just to give you a sense of proportion, Thor once mistaked the glove of a giant for a mead hall. We’re talking Jack and the Beanstalk big here. But that doesn’t stop the male gods of Asgard from making frequent trips over the mountains to service these large ladies. How they manage to do this is never made quite clear in the Eddas. Truly this is a subject which Odin and Friends will need to explore in future issues…

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  1. Bear666

    I thought everyone knew all vikings, their gods and descendents are hung like Sleipnir