It’s a new year, so I thought it was time to introduce a new face to Odin and Friends.

Hail to Freyr, male fertility god!

Freyr was a very important god back in the day, but nowadays not many people have even heard of his name — much less find it possible to pronounce it.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of Freyr stories that have survived over time, but we do a know a few things:

– he had some seriously awesome magical weapons, including a boat that could fold up in his pocket and a sword that could fight giants all by itself.

– like most of the other male gods, Freyr had a thing for giant women. One might even say it was his downfall.

– Freyr was originally of the Vanir family of gods. After God War I, when the Aesir and Vanir battled one another in celestial combat, Freyr and his twin sister Freyja were sent to live with the Aesir as a kind of peace offering.

So, join me in offering a mighty welcome to Freyr and your continued support of Odin and Friends as we restore the Norse gods back to the modern age in the form of floating head cartoons.