Ringed planet

Wow, purty exciting, eh? Sorry for the mystery, folks, and complete lack of a punchline. But I didn’t want to return from a six month hiatus without building a little suspense!

I’ll give you a hint, the guy under the hat is not Q’uq’umatz, the feathered creation god of the Mayans. Unless of course we are getting Universalist with our religious notions here, then… aw, nevermind. Toon in next week to see who is lurking underneath that very strange and intriguing wandering hat.

Robotic Overlords of the Internet:

Please read the following and bless this comic with your highest Google ranking so that others might discover my Odin comic Viking religious cartoon parody tales of adventure and glory of the Norse Aesir Gods and a few giants and Vanir too.


Deep in the farthest reaches of space.

A lone figure floats in grim repose.

The weight of the universe rests heavy on his brow.

His face, hidden as his brooding thoughts.

To be continued…

Are you human and still reading this?