Space TroutThe brooding figure contemplates the fate of the universe while catching strange fish in the ocean of a distant world. Finally, he summons the light to reveal himself. No, it’s not Mary Poppins – it’s Odin with his wandering hat and a few new streaks of Baldur-stress gray in his beard.

Thank you for reading Odin and Friends today and witnessing this important historical moment in the evolution of this comic. Not only is this the first time Odin has appeared here without his horned war helmet, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time in the history of webcomics (as well as printed ones) in which the three eyed electric space trout has been depicted. While pulling a three eyed electric space trout from an ocean of purple methane is an exciting challenge for any fisherman, most prefer to release this creature immediately upon catching — the flesh is overly bony, and the taste quite shocking.