Oh, yeah… don’t you love those free refill deals at the theater? I’m sure the movie theater still makes a profit even if you eat ten of those buckets and share them with all of your friends. But today things change because Thor not only likes popcorn but he is hungry from the long trip to Midgard. Three barrels of mead and a whole ox would make it a complete meal.

One of my inlaws eats popcorn like this, by the way. Always gets his own bucket, won’t share. Only person I’ve ever seen get not just one but two refills. Frankly, after five or six bites of that butter sludge I’m done eating for the day.

So, I did something to the comic today that I usually don’t do — I went back and reworked some previous comics to make them better fit the storyline. So if you click back a few days you will see Thor innocently eating his first small bucket of popcorn… and then eating a little more… and then… POPCORN FRENZY! Previously Thor was sleeping which was of course a logical thing to do when listening to a marketing chick blab endlessly about the rules of a sneak preview. But completely illogical that he would pass the concessions counter on the way into the theater without getting the largest bucket of popcorn in the house.

Empty the silo!