Hey, folks, I’m taking a respite from OAF this month. Three reasons: First, I’ll be adventuring in Iceland the first ten days of August and I don’t have an archive of toons built up to run the site on auto-pilot. Second, I need to take a little time when I get back to upgrade Word Press and make some site improvements to restore my missing navbar and help prevent the meltdown that happened a week ago from happening again. And third, I just need a break! I need to reflect on the toon a bit, figure out where it’s going, and decide what I want to do next. Send me some email if you want to weigh in on this subject. My apologies to those of you who depend on their twice-weekly Odin fix to make it through the week without going ballistic with a battle axe. In the meantime, please check out the archives or hit the random button on the right to find something you might have overlooked. OAF is pushing 300 comics now!

See you in September!

– Vato