Hail Odin Religious Tract In honor the beginning of Spring, Odin has decided to give the humans a respite from his temper and wrath. For one week only he shall not disintegrate another human being, no matter what the offense. No insult is too grave, no words too harsh. But the music of Joni Mitchell… that might be another story.

I’m not sure why atheists would be summoned to participate in a week of blasphemy, since they don’t believe in god or gods in the first place, but it seemed funny to me. Kind of like something you would see in a Chick Comic. “Hey, Fred, lets go hang out with the atheists and blaspheme.” “Right, Mike, bring your dungeons and dragons books so we can summon the devil at the same time.”

Regarding Joni Mitchell… I completely understand why some people cannot handle listening to, say, Napalm Death. Or Emperor. Or Slayer. Hence, such music is generally not played in doctor’s offices, supermarkets, or places where the insane are convalescing. Yet Joni Mitchell is also capable of creating feelings of gut wrenching anxiety and despair for many people in this world, and gets played routinely in all those places. Okay, I’m not sure about insane asylums, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Why the double standard?