Battle Beer is Back!

Introducing Old Sk&#252ll Beer, the Strongest Beer in Asgard.

Old Sk&#252ll (correct pronunciation can only be achieved when completely loaded) is great for fightin’, fartin’, rootin’, tootin’, thunderin’, blunderin’, unloadin’, getting’ loaded, smashin’ trolls with hammers, gettin’ hammered with trolls, killin’ giants, loosenin’ up giant women, and is an all-around good-for-all-ages battle beer for creatures of the nine worlds and then some.


Old SkullFrequently Asked Questions about Old Sk&#252ll Beer

Is Old Sk&#252ll Beer a good drinking beer for Dungeons and Dragons?

No. Stick with caffeinated beverages. Save Old Sk&#252ll for after the game. This is powerful stuff, man.

I see from your advertising that Old Sk&#252ll beer can be used for “loosenin’ up giant women.” How many Old Sk&#252ll beers do I need to give a giant chick so I can get some?

Approximately 20,000. Consider buying Old Sk&#252ll by the barrel for your next date in Giant Land.

Does Thor always drink Old Sk&#252ll beer?

Does Tiger Woods only wear Nike? It would be breach of contract if he didn’t. But give Thor a break for selling out to the man. He was loaded on Old Sk&#252ll when he signed the contract.

What is the APR or whatever that statistic is on how much alcohol there is in the beer?

It’s called Alcohol by volume (ABV) and it’s just like your high school football coach used to say — 110%, buddy.

Is Old Sk&#252ll always written with an umlaut?

Yes, and the penalty for forgetting the rock dots is death.

How do you pronounce the &#252 in Old Sk&#252ll?

This is the subject of many barroom debates and often results in broken chairs and bloody noses. Drink enough Old Sk&#252ll and your pronunciation will be flawless.

Are alcoholic beverage with umlauts better than ones that contain no diacritical marks?

I get this one all the time. Not necessarily, but you are in good company when you drink an umlaut beer. Consider the following: Hofbräu, D&#252ff, and Löwenbräu (f&#252kn d&#252ble umlaut, not bad, brewmeisters).