I’ve been thinking about doing Ull for a while now. A friend of mine saw the comic several months ago and said I should really do “Ull, God of Winter and Hand-to-Hand Combat” and I thought to myself that any god with those job responsibilities needs to appear in Odin and Friends sooner rather than later.

There is not much in the Eddic sources about Ull but scholars suspect he was a major god in pre-Viking times, possibly one of the Vanir. He is associated with winter generally and had specific skills in skiing, hunting, and archery. Apparently he also had a sweet shield that could turn into an amphibious craft that could take him over land or water.

So, Phil, and everyone else, here is Ull and I hope you like him! I was tempted to give Ull a massive beard to combat the ice and snow, but I finally opted for a beardless version patterned on John Kreese from the original Karate Kid.

Respect your sensei!

Respect winter!

John Kreese Evil Sensei