Here’s some glorious cover art to kick off Year Two of Odin and Friends. The spectacular painting in the background is Asgardsreien, by Peter Nicolai Arbo. Gazing at this painting with its beautiful topless women throwing spears and shooting arrows, I realize how completely remiss I have been in not creating some Valkyries for this comic. After all, many a brave warrior met a bloody screaming death for the promise of meeting one of these wondrous ladies of sky. So let’s call it my new year’s resolution to get some smoking hot Valkyrie chicks into the pages of Odin and Friends. In the meantime, thanks to all of you readers of the comic. Even though I recycle images like Hollywood recycles plots and my characters don’t have any bodies, it actually takes a good chunk of time each week to keep these comics coming. So knowing you guys are enjoying the comic helps. Thanks for your comments, subscriptions, and clicks.

Okay, over and out. I have to go buy an electric shaver. My other one blew up when I plugged it into the outlet in Sweden and I’ve got two weeks of unintended beard growth to hack down.