Valentine’s Day – a yearly Ragnarok for roses and other flowers!

Viking RoseThese flowers are glacier lillies, by the way, but I can imagine some flower fiend picking them and selling them as Viking Roses. I’m spared buying slaughtered flowers for my wife today since I created this comic. She loves comics with the “angry little flower”, so I get a pass on the real thing. I’m still on for cooking dinner tonight, though. Linguine and scallops are on the menu. If the food is good enough, maybe I can talk her into watching Valhalla Rising while we eat.

Anyway, Happy Holiday!

Update on new comics. It’s on, folks! I’ve already got a bunch of new stuff created that I’m planning to launch soon. I want to get another couple weeks produced for a proper buffer, and then I’m going to let the arrows fly. I don’t have a solid launch date yet, but I’m thinking sometime during the last week in February or the first week in March to restore regular updates. Thanks for your comments and emails demanding more toons – rest assured, Odin is saddling up his eight legged horse to ride again!