Wednesday - November 18th, 2009

After getting hold of a book on weather, Baldur’s mind is filled with questions on evaporation rates, dew points, and barometric pressure. He asks his big brother Thor how he acquired his storm making skills. It must have taken years of study to learn. But the God of Thunder has been a shade tree mechanic his entire life…

The Big Book of Sturms

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  1. analviolationofmrsnuffleupagus

    I like the book of “sturms” (clever) but no ümlaüt? what the fück? I pays good money for a Viking strip, I wants my ümlaüts, dammit!

  2. aluokaloo

    poking my nose under the hoods of clouds sounds kinda wrong too! Thor rocks so hard! XD

  3. Bear666

    more rule 34