Most medieval gods run from technology, but Loki embraces it.

This is the first time the Rainbow Bridge has appeared in Odin and Friends. Well, actually the second time. You may be looking at this cartoon and be saying, “hey, what happened to the comic about Baldur needing glasses because he couldn’t see the Rainbow Bridge?” Well, unless you archived it, it has been obliterated! I thought the bit about Baldur needing glasses was kind of funny, but I wasn’t happy with the direction the Rainbow Bridge was going. Wednesday’s original comic, also obliterated, started getting all pseudo mystical and meta textual and Twilight Zone-esque with the bridge coming and going depending on the strength of your beliefs, kind of like Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street. I like the idea of Loki being able to summon the Bridge on his Crackberry much better. Plus, I think there is something metaphorically interesting about associating the God of Mischief (and ultimate turncoat of the Gods) to emerging technology. After all, it was Loki who contracted the dwarves to make Mjolnir, Skidbladnir, and lots of other cool God toys and weapons. So Loki being high tech isn’t exactly a new idea.

By the way, Odin and Friends turns one year old on April 1!