Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Friday — September 22nd, 2017

Most people think it’s the guy being executed who has all the worries, but what about the tireless executioners who work so hard to keep tyrants in power and maintain state control? Swinging an axe all day can chafe the hands and tire the shoulders, and that’s just the beginning. There are blood-splatter-transmitted diseases to worry about, not to mention the hazards of swinging sharp weapons in front of screaming crowds with your vision obscured behind a leather mask. It’s a thankless job, and that’s why these hard working public servants deserve the very best in medical care. Keep them happy, and if you ever find yourself on the chopping block, they’ll reward you with the smile and sharpened edge of a happy employee and not the scowl and dull blade of a disgruntled worker bee.

Odin and Friends Blog

Vikings Take the Window Seat

Odin AirplaneDon’t know about you, but I always try and take the window seat while flying. Amazing what you can see out there if you keep your eyes open. Even if you don’t see the Allfather on his eight-legged steed galloping past the window, you can see his handiwork in the mountains and oceans below. It’s much more interesting, not to mention healthy for the soul, to gaze out the window and marvel at the beauty of Midgard, instead of watching whatever drivel is playing on that little screen in the back of the seat in front of you. Also, if you happen to be flying over the ocean, you can stare at that endless blue and contemplate how your Viking ancestors made the same trip over 1000 years ago – in longships!

Turn on the Mead Tap

Thor AnniversaryToday is the six year anniversary of Odin and Friends (the site launched on April 1, 2009). There have been some bumps in the road, to be sure, but I’ve managed to produce quite a few comics in that time. I hope you all are enjoying the latest stuff! I’m working hard to get 1-2 new items up every week; relative unemployment is helping for now. I’ve got plenty of ideas for the future, so please keep reading, and if you like what you see, ask the gods to grant me their blessings. :)

Fehu on you for 2015!

Fehu Norse Rune Fehu is the rune for cattle, and also wealth (same thing back in the day, right? Or still the same if you raise beef in Texas). So I’m wishing you all a prosperous new year with lots of cows. :)

To all you new folks just finding the comic: thanks for stopping by. To check out the comic, I recommend letting fate guide your way by clicking this random comic button. To those of you who like to control things more, check out the archive with over 300 comics!

And to all you veterans of the psychic wars – thanks for continuing to hang around. I’ve been on a pretty big respite, so there hasn’t been much new in a while, but I’m working to change that. I’ve got a lot of scripts produced, so I now I’m working to art them up. And a special thanks to those of you who have emailed me or posted messages asking where the hel I’ve been. All is good. I’m still alive, relatively healthy, and ready to make some more toons!