Odin OdinPatriarch of the Gods, his wisdom is legendary, as well as medieval. Equal parts General Patton and Conan the Barbarian, Odin still has a soft spot for tastefully decorating his mead hall with the skulls of slain giants. Tired of listening to prayers about sporting events, and more than eager for the Ragnarok, Odin sometimes travels deep into space just to get away from it all.
Thor ThorOdin’s son and close friend and companion. Loved by humans, feared by giants, and lover of giant women, countless battles and benders have left Thor with limited brain power, and he wasn’t that smart to begin with.
Loki LokiPrankster and trickster. Loki is doing well in the modern age, creating mayhem on Midgard while abandoning his sword for a martini glass. Does Loki has a soft spot in his heart for Sif, or is he simply obsessed with the idea of bonking Thor’s beautiful wife?
Freyja FreyjaShe’s a modern woman with a medieval thirst for battle. Oh, what’s a girl to do. Freya will soon be attending college on Midgard, where she’s sure to slay her professors.
Baldur BaldurPeaceloving son of Odin and Frigg. Baldur loves humanity and wants to use his god powers for the greater good, making him the black sheep of the family. Even his psychologist can’t figure him out.
Frigg FriggMatron of the Gods, mother of Baldur and wife of Odin. Don’t let her charming smile fool you… she still loves to throw a lightning bolt now and then.
Freyr FreyrThis fertility god takes his job very seriously — tell your sister to watch out when Freyr is the neighborhood! And yo momma too!
Sif SifThe wife of Thor has hair so big it contains extra dimensions! The only thing more annoying to Sif than Loki is the terrible frizz she gets when the seasons change.
Mjolnir MjolnirThor’s surly hammer has a mind of his own!
Heimdall HeimdallGuarding the gates of Asgard has given Heimdall quite a battle scars over the years. Now it’s impossible to tell where the god ends and the machine begins. One thing is for certain, however — when that gjallerhorn sounds, it’s going to be LOUD.
Ull UllUll is the sensei of winter, cross country skiing, and hand-to-hand combat. Don’t let Ull catch you shivering in the cold or dreaming of an early spring. Be tough and sweep the leg!
Mimir MimirBeheaded Lord of the Frost Giants. A bit depressed lately.
Valkyries The ValkyriesWinged, blonde sexpots who search the battlefields of earth for the bravest of the dead. The first reward a fallen hero has after dying in battle is waking up to see a Valkyrie. The second reward is being delivered to a golden hall filled with limitless food and drink. The third is fighting to the death every day until an apocalyptic battle turns the seas to blood and the hero is killed AGAIN. Wait a second… can’t we just stick to rewards one and two?