Turn on the Mead Tap

Thor AnniversaryToday is the six year anniversary of Odin and Friends (the site launched on April 1, 2009). There have been some bumps in the road, to be sure, but I’ve managed to produce quite a few comics in that time. I hope you all are enjoying the latest stuff! I’m working hard to get 1-2 new items up every week; relative unemployment is helping for now. I’ve got plenty of ideas for the future, so please keep reading, and if you like what you see, ask the gods to grant me their blessings. :)

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  1. Kerry

    I’ve certainly enjoyed the trip, since I recently discovered this site, and hope to look forward to many more amusing comics in the future. I’ll have to tell all my Asatru friends about it. Most of them know English and can appreciate a good joke. May the gods be with you.