I made a comic a while back that referred to Freya getting hauled off by the giants and a reader kindly notified me that Freya was never hauled off by giants in the original myths. Of course, that doesn’t mean she was never hauled off by giants in myths that were never recorded, or that this comic strives for complete accuracy when referencing the old stories (Heimdall never had a radar dish on his helmet either). But I agree with the reader in the sense that Freya is too tough to get hauled off by giants each time some cartoonist is trying to be funny and it kind of betrays her spirit to show her as stealable. So here go the giants again, merely *thinking* about stealing Freya and remembering what happened the last time they made a play for her (something about Thor in a wedding dress with flaming red eyes).

Another issue I might as well address while I’m at it is that not all the giants in the Eddas were as stupid as the ones you see on this page, and some were renowned for their wisdom. I’m hoping to delve into the giants more at some point. Odin and Friends has yet to show fire giants and from what I understand they are quite sharper than the inbred hillbillies you’ve seen slaughtered here lately.