Occupational Hazard

Occupational Hazard

Friday — August 19th, 2016

Along with seasickness, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the largely underappreciated occupational hazards of being a Viking. Fortunately, taking a few simple preventive steps can keep you safe from “the ax-man’s curse”. Make sure to relax your grip, take frequent breaks, and maintain good posture when chopping and slaying.

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Dragon Balls! The Odin and Friends Video Game

Move over Warcraft and Left for Dead and Space Invaders and whatever else people are playing nowadays… Odin and Friends now has its own video game! Dragon Balls! was created by my wife in Scratch and given to me as a birthday present and I’m happy to share it with you finally. The is my wife’s first game (possibly her last, haha) so please don’t give her a hard time for leaving out the VR component this time around. Have fun and look out for Technoviking, he’s a real bitch to hit with a lightning bolt!


Play Dragon Balls!

2011 not 2001

I screwed up the naming convention on Thursday’s comic… confused 2001 with 2011 (I get accused of living in the past sometimes, imagine that). But the comic is up now!



Viking Versus Snow Giant

Snow is starting to fall, and you know that what that means… surly frost giants in need of a smackdown. Enjoy!