You know that feeling you get when you know your sanity is slipping away and all you can do is walk around with a creepy frozen smile on your face?

Well, now that face has it’s own webcomic, Grinsane.

If you enjoy Odin and Friends, you may or may not like my new project, Grinsane. Because while Odin and Friends works hard to present its readers with a path to enlightenment, Grinsane offers only madness.

Topics include: witches, demons, pod people, cats, movie villains, Spock, zombies, and gelatinous man eating blobs.

I know you are curious. But remember, curiosity is a dangerous thing according to Doctor Wertham. Indeed, viewing Grinsane comics may actually make one Grinsane.

For those who can’t be warned off, the first comics will debut on January 1, 2018. There will be a comic a day for the first week and we’ll see who’s still kicking after that. If you do the socialpathic media thing, please give Grinsane a like or a follow to get in the feedback loop and feel proud you were among the first to risk freezing their face into a hyena smile in order to giggle at free cartoons on the internet.

Go Grinsane!