Bananarama’s Greatest Hits

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers number 11.

Shaolin Master Killer special edition DVD.

Mr. Vampire pirate bootleg.

A quarter ounce of Humboldt Gold

Three pellets of Plutonium-239

The new Lady Gaga CD

A hackeysack

What do these items have in common? They were all extracted from Loki’s ass when he tried to smuggle them into Asgard. Why these items are considered contraband is beyond the scope of today’s webcomic, but rest assured, all are prohibited in the world of the Aesir gods for good reason.

Plutonium 239 Freak BrothersWas Heimdall tempted by Loki’s bribe of a 250 terrabyte RAM upgrade? One may never know, since the guardian’s face rarely registers emotion. But Loki thinks he’s got him figured out for next time… World of Warcraft cheats can challenge the morals of even the most sterling of the gods. In the meantime, Baldur and Loki must get used to prison food and group showers…