As guardian of the Rainbow Bridge and the walls of Asgard, Heimdall has seen his share of action. He has guarded the realm against jotuns of every shape and size, from hillbilly hill giants to feverish fire giants, and he has taken a few good licks along the way. In fact, Heimdall’s body has been battered and abused so many times, that entire sections have been replaced with cybernetic components. Now he carries out his duties as watchman with the most high tech surveillance equipment in Asgard integrated with his body. So complete is this integration, that it is impossible to tell where the God ends and the machine begins. Heimdall is the original technoviking.

Because of his unique skills, Heimdall also serves as customs official, making sure nothing passes through the gates of Asgard without his knowledge. Loki figures he is clever enough to escape Heimdall’s discerning electronic eye — but did not count on the guardian’s newly installed ultraviolet rectal scanning hardware.