This one makes it all worth while.

Panel three. A full frame, full panel explosion in glorious comic book magenta and orange.


I mean, this is the kind of stuff I drew in fourth grade when I should have been learning how to do “useful” things like spell and multiply.

Napoleon Dynamite would be all over this — Odin’s eight legged horse tromping a space ship… sweet! — although he might criticize the shading on the eight legs of my eight legged horse.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying: Where’s the eight legs, Vato?

Sadly enough, my horse drawing skills still remain at the fourth grade level (along with my math skills). But trust me, those eight legs are there. Check out this comic for proof (yes, I recycled the image; it took me all day to draw, so I don’t even need Odin’s wisdom to know I should use it more than once).