Star Wars, Star Trek, Starship Troopers… today Odin and Friends takes its rightful place at the same mead hall bench as these legendary titles . Yes, glorious webcomical space battle is yours to behold.

Presenting for your visual and existential enjoyment…

The ultimate battle of religion versus technology.

Gods versus space ships! Antiquity versus science fiction! Floating heads versus future law suits — egad!

Okay, I really tried to make that space ship look unfamiliar. You know, while still getting the joke across. I followed the whole 10 percent rule. Or is it the 80 percent rule? I went way over 80% with the hue and saturation filter.

You’re not buying it?

Come on, the Captain’s name is Burt!

Dragonballs, it’s going to take me a week to reedit this thing and I’m already struggling to make three new ones a week. Webcomics are not for the meek, my friend.

If you are just joining this space battle, click here to go to the start.