Thor Versus The Dinosaurs

Stone Age Tools in Viking Graves Raise More Questions than Answers

Thor Hammer and DinosaurWe got some interesting news this week from the folks who get their kicks digging around Viking graves (archaeologists, *sigh*).

Just as today one might be buried with an antique Viking sword for good luck, back in the Days of High Adventure and Not Infrequent Death, Vikings were buried with stone age weapons that they considered special. Namely, flint axes and hammers, which may have been symbols of Thor.

Of course, what scientists are failing to say is exactly who wielded these tools and for what purpose they were welt before the Vikings acquired them. Simply calling the tool “an axe” is not enough, for as we Viking aficionados know, there is more than one purpose for such a device, from chopping firewood to settling a blood feud.

Were these tools used as weapons by badass proto-Vikings against Jotuns? Or did cannibalistic lizard people employ them to crack the skulls of dinosaurs? And who actually made the stones? Blabbering neanderthals or clever dwarves working deep underground?

Truly, the necrophiles have a bit more digging to do before making such bold pronouncements in a trussed up boob rag like National Geographic. But I guess nowadays you take what you can get, and it’s always cool to learn something new about the Vikings from a source other than Odin and Friends.

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