Today’s toon is based on the wisdom of Skald Thorgrim Silkbeard:

The difference between
A dragon and a rabbit
Is one of perspective.

The last rant of the sprout:

Is this really the best you can come up with? Eating me? How absolutely unimaginative! Surely this demonstrates the limits of your mindless species. I gleefully fart oxygen in your face, bramble tyrant. I cordially invite you to hump your own sister. Pardon me, you already humped your own sister. And your own mother. And everyone else in your family, hence the massive population of your insipid species.

I pray to the Norse gods of agriculture that my petals leave a foul taste in your mouth and my stem gives you terrible indigestion. May Freyr curse you with several weeks of chronic diarrhea for partaking in your delightful meal. Hesitate not, rabbit, devour me now! The thought of creating ceaseless mayhem in your stomach delights me so!

Enjoy your snack. For someday you shall meet a fate more terrible than mine. I laugh at you from the salad plate as the gods spread lingonberry jam over your barbecued corpse and young maidens pad their bras with your soft fur —


Plant Liberation